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Purchasing Agreement: Arestin

Since 1996, OraPharma has been dedicated to oral healthcare, leading the charge with their flagship product, ARESTIN. Designed as an adjunct to scaling and root planing (SRP) procedures for reduction of pocket depth in patients with adult periodontitis, ARESTIN (minocycline HCl) Microspheres, 1 mg, is the leading dentist choice in the fight against the bacteria that causes periodontal diseases.

How to Purchase: ARESTIN is exclusively sold through Henry Schein. To qualify for discount, orders must be placed directly with OraPharma. Contact information for your OraPharma rep and Customer Services number are emailed to you once your Agreement has been processed. Your Co-Op Area Director has this information and is available on Member Services.

Discounts and Terms: Discount levels are based on previous year total Cooperative purchasing volume of ARESTIN. Current retail price for ARESTIN in 2020 is $662/box. The current year discount for all Cooperative members is below at Tier 2 starting 2/1/20 and will be $435/box:

Tier 1

28.0% Discount
0-299 boxes

Tier 2

34.0% Discount
300-499 boxes

Tier 3

39.0% Discount
500+ boxes

*Box volume represent total Cooperative collective volume of previous calendar year, not individual practice volume.

    Purchasing Agreement: ARESTIN


    Once submitted, the Agreement will be sent to our the associated vendor partner for a rep assignment and flagging in their system. Confirmation will be emailed to you when your vendor rep has been assigned.

    Having issues submitting the online form? Download the paper form here and send it to your local Area Director for submission. Click Here for Paper Agreement.