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Purchasing Agreement: Nobel Biocare

On 10/1/19, the Dental Cooperative established a negotiated volume discount agreement with Nobel Biocare. Cooperative members wishing to participate in the negotiated pricing with Nobel Biocare must complete and submit a Purchasing Agreement to their local Cooperative Area Director or online prior to participation.

How to Purchase: To qualify for discount, all orders must be placed directly with Nobel Biocare. Contact information for your Nobel Biocare rep will be emailed to you once your Agreement has been processed. Your Cooperative Area Director has this information too.

Discounts and Terms: Discount levels are based on previous year total collective Cooperative purchasing volume. Current discount tier is highlighted below:

Tier 1

10% Discount

Tier 2

15% Discount

Tier 3

18% Discount

Tier 4

20% Discount

Tier 5

25% Discount

*$ Volume levels represent total Cooperative volume, not individual practice volume.

    Purchasing Agreement: Nobel Biocare


    Once submitted, the Agreement will be sent to our the associated vendor partner for a rep assignment and flagging in their system. Confirmation will be emailed to you when your vendor rep has been assigned.

    Having issues submitting the online form? Download the paper form here and send it to your local Area Director for submission. Click Here for Paper Agreement.