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Get started offering your own custom patient program.

Follow the steps below to make a professional, customized, MyHappyMouth patient program of your own. We have everything you need to look good and keep organized. Get started with the form below in 5 easy steps:

Step 1) Practice Information
Step 2) Shipping Address For Your Cards
Step 3) Program Information
Step 4) Fee Schedule and Discounts
Step 5) Create Your Cards

Once your form is submitted, we will create your program for review and contact you.



    Step 1) Practice Information:

    Step 2) Shipping Address For Your Cards:

    Step 3) Program Information:

    Ex: Dr Smith Dental Club, Big Smiles Senior Plan, etc.

    A short welcome statement (260 characters or less including spaces) that patients will see when they log into your custom program. Ex: "Welcome to Big Smiles Dental Club. This program offers participating patients a 10% discount on our dental fees and access to a free health savings account. We value you as a patient and hope to see you soon. Give us a call to schedule an appointment."

    You can choose to include all/some/no Cooperative specialists as a referral resource in your program. Specialists offer a discount to MyHappyMouth patients.

    We will include any specialists listed that are participating Cooperative members.

    Step 4) Fee Schedule and Discounts:

    List the percent off your full-fees you would like to offer from 1-100.

    Download and fill in your full-fees: All CDT Codes-FullFees | Top 73 CDT Codes by Type-FullFees
    Export your full-fees from your practice management software: Dentrix | Eaglesoft | Open Dental

    [mfile fullfees filetypes:.xlsx|.xls|.csv]

    Explain the discount you will offer. You can offer varying discounts per code, discounts on specific codes, etc.

    Download and fill in your discounted fees: All CDT Codes-Discounted Fees | Top 73 CDT Codes by Type-Discounted Fees
    Export your discounted fees from your practice management software: Dentrix | Eaglesoft | Open Dental

    [mfile customfeeschedule filetypes:.xlsx|.xls|.csv]

    Step 5) Create Your Cards:

    [mfile logos filetypes:gif|png|jpg|jpeg]

    The default webpage for card access and registration is Would you like to send patients directly to this site or to your own landing page prior to registering cards?
    Default URL www.myhappymouth.comMy own webpage

    Default Display: Includes up to 2 locations & phone and up to 3 dentist names.Custom Contact Display: Open field

    Enter any contact display information you would like for the back of the card. This may include addresses, phone#, emails, etc. Up to 150 characters allowed including spaces.

    Up to 100 characters including spaces.

    Any additional critical restrictions, protections, clarifications, or information you need to add in the fine print. Up to 240 characters allowed including spaces.

    Cards can be ordered in increments of 10. We recommend starting with 250 or less. You can reorder cards anytime on Member Services.

    Once submitted, we will begin to create your MyHappyMouth program. A confirmation will be emailed to you when your program has been created.

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